TAU presents INSIGNIA at Coverings



INSIGNIA -Capsule Collection. First Edition-


At this edition of COVERINGS, TAU is presenting a CAPSULE EDITION of its INSIGNIA collection, which will be extended by TAU during the course of 2018.


INSIGNIA is a collection that pays tribute to the 50-year business history of the TAU. We renowned throughout the world and within a sector of vital importance to Spain.

It is a tribute to the excellence of TAU’s products, to innovation and development as one of the constant driving forces behind the brand name and, naturally, to the effort and dedication of all those who have strived to make TAU such a memorable name.



INSIGNIA collection is inspired by nature, art, history, literature, architecture and, in short, LIFE. The company’s latest investments into technology and innovation were channelled into the collection’s development.

The leitmotifs to the collection are three black stone-effect models (Soapstone, Bluestone and Wornstone), rounded off by a veined marble-look model (Millerighe).  Also the cement-effect model (Maxxi), one inspired by vintage cement tiles (Rivet), and three wood-effect ones (the oak Paliano, walnut Origin and pine Diluca).


Among the new formats that have been developed, the 90×180 one stands out particularly – even bigger than the 120×120 format presented by TAU at the last edition of Coverings – and the 30×180 and 22.5×180 formats cut down from this, which are used for its wood-effect collections.

 Torano statuario reforma cocina tau ascale



As well as the Capsule Edition of INSIGNIA, TAU will be presenting EVOLUTION. A collection made up of some of TAU’s best-known series, which have been joined by new products or rounded off with new formats.

Evolution implies Knowledge, Transformation and also Change, which is synonymous with Keeping Up with the times. This is why TAU has taken series from other collections and revamped them to meet the needs of today’s market.





EVOLUTION features the emblematic CORTEN series by TAU, now in a 60×120 format; its most popular wood-effect series, FOREVER, in a new 25×100 format; its most successful marble-effect models, TORANO and DOZZA, in a new 90×180 format; and finally, the SHINE series, which has been extended with the addition of a delicate onyx-effect model, PALAZZO.








At this edition of COVERINGS, TAU presents new 12mm-thick 320×160 slabs, with its wide choice of colours.

The range includes monochrome models (white, black and sand), two different coloured cement effects, two white marble looks, two marble looks with gold veins, a stone effect, and a spectacular model emulating weathering steel.

With Ascale and its 12 or 6mm-thick 320×160 format, countertops or worktops of all kinds can be created. Besides, any vertical or horizontal wall can be clad in them.




ASCALE by TAU slabs with TPB tech® technology


ASCALE by TAU has signed an agreement with the technologic company TPB TECH. This allows us to offer a countertop collection enabling us to cook directly on the porcelain surface.

The technology created and patented by TPB TECH®, allows to integrate inductors and controls under the ASCALE by TAU surfaces, providing the maximum technical features for impact resistance and high temperatures, as well as an amazing ease of use and cleanliness.

Besides, the union between TPB TECH technology and the design and quality of the ASCALE by TAU surfaces, eliminate the classic glass-ceramic hob, unifying the cooking and work area. A revolution in the kitchen concept, that makes possible to cut, cook, eat and enjoy the countertop. A system that allows to use the Ascale by Tau kitchen surface, harmonizing culinary pleasure with entertainment, activity and functionality.

The cutting-edge countertop, that you can discover and enjoy, along with the rest of our novelties, in the exhibition area of TAU at COVERINGS, Booth 3831.



Ascale tpb tech encimeras revolucionarias innovación tau ceramica



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