Cooking with TAU Cerámica: Sergio Salvador

On 12 April, I had the opportunity to present my new project to a very special group of people at TAU Cerámica.

This was no normal event; it was the springboard for what I hope will become the bedrock of my career and I started out in the best possible fashion - in front of the basketball club that taught me to dream and helped me develop a fighter mentality that does not give up and thinks big.

The TAU CASTELLÓ is doing the best it has ever done at a sporting level and I feel proud to consider myself a part of that, sponsoring and doing what I can for the nutritional knowledge of its players. Years back, I used to dream of being a part of these sporting triumphs as a player. However, Time puts everyone in their place and perhaps mine is in the wings, with a saucepan in one hand and a flash drive full of slides in the other.

Sergio salvador cocinando con tau chef encimeras

I was fortunate enough to present this project at the TAU Cerámica headquarters with the best materials and worktops that would be the dream of any chef because of their innovative features and quality. The project aims to be the perfect assistant for any nutritionist by showing them how to buy, cook healthy meals to suit each individual, read food labels and, in short, fill the world with “Healthy Chefs” who are knowledgeable of all the cooking and nutritional techniques necessary for them to make their own decisions.

sergio salvador cocinando tau chef encimera

This knowledge does not come alone; besides the double qualification in gastronomy and hotel and restaurant management, I also have qualifications in nutrition and dietary science, as well as another specialising in sports nutrition. I have been lucky enough in the past to cook for important chefs, work in four different countries, visit another 12 ladle in hand, advise luxury hotels in China about gastronomy, take part in television programmes and many other great experiences.

sergio salvador cocinando tau chef encimera

Today, I am hugely proud to run two gastronomy and nutrition companies - some of them unique and leaders in this country, sponsor brands, write for magazines and be a part of numerous gastronomy events throughout the province...

sergio salvador cocinando tau chef encimera

My first nutrition talk was in a tough field, with ceramic over three metres and players over two metres tall, but the results were positive and the nervousness hidden under my chef’s jacket embroidered with my name (the one I hope to continue wearing with less nerves and more wisdom day after day) passed, giving way to one of the most emotional days of my career.

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