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We are a Madrid-based architecture studio specialising in hotel renovation projects. For our projects, we use the most advanced designs, materials and technologies in a constant balance between functionality and beauty.

We have received the Hotel Initiative Prize in the Renovation category from the Gran Hotel Turismo magazine, came 13th on the 2014 Hot List of the Most Fashionable Hotels in the World by Condé Nast Traveler and, more recently, the Best Boutique Hotel in the World Prize from the World Boutique Hotel Awards.


We were given a lovely challenge in 2015 - to recover and transform the Casa de la Carnicería and the old fire station in Plaza Mayor (Madrid) to create the first hotel for thel Pestana Hotel Group in Madrid, the largest Portuguese tourism and leisure group with more than 45 years of experience in the sector and operations in over 15 countries, 93 properties and 11,000 rooms worldwide. A hotel that will form part of its new Collection line, consisting of monumental buildings in privileged locations of the city; in this case, the old Casa de la Carnicería building and fire station.

When we walked into the building for the first time and studied the project, our inspiration came from the place itself, the building and its history. We wanted to highlight the value of the building and give it the importance it deserves, but include modern exciting spaces that tell stories. We realised that Hotel Pestana Plaza Mayor needed to represent the connection between history and architecture. A contemporary design concept that respects both its urban location in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor and the historical essence of the 17th Century.


The way in which we designed the Hotel Pestana Plaza Mayor aims to raise one’s initial perception and create an impact, which is why a central system was created. The first way to do this can be found in the patio and the Imperial Staircase, which connect all the common areas of the hotel: restaurants, halls, cocktail bar, spa, swimming pool, etc.

The second way to define how spaces are used is the colour, some of which take inspiration from the ground itself in Plaza Mayor such as beige, blueish grey and claret red. These colours will identify the spaces like a labyrinth in which to illuminate the senses.

Finally, for the lighting we sought an ensemble that allows visitors to walk throughout the hotel under a single linear lighting discourse in every one of the different spaces.

While developing the project, we thought carefully about each one of its areas and gave them a unique personality with hints of their past and essence via all the finishes and decoration. To do so, we used manufacturing companies with extensive experience in construction materials. TAU Cerámica was one of these companies, whose world class ceramic materials stood out for their aesthetic and technical quality.

In particular, their Ragusa Sand series provides warmth to the hotel guestrooms while the marble effect Altamura series helped us achieve an atmosphere that combines the contemporary with the historical. Finally, the marble effect Baranello and stone effect Fidenza seem to have been created to add excitement and amplitude to spaces.

It was an enormous pleasure to work with them on this project because their materials not only now form part of this building but the value of their human team has been reflected in the excellent results.

The Hotel Pestana Plaza Mayor is due to open in April and its leisure spaces will not only be used by guests but also by visitors to Plaza Mayor wishing to use the restaurant, terrace, cafeteria, spa or swimming pool on the terrace, among other things.