Designing with Medrano Sáez: Detached house in El Grao de Castellón


We are an Architecture Studio based in Castellón that was set up by José María Medrano and Gustavo Sáez in 2006. We have undertaken projects in various towns and cities throughout Spain, ranging from public spaces to detached houses. Algemesí Market (Valencia) is worth highlighting in particular. This project was finished in 2017 and was the result of a national architecture competition at which we were awarded first prize.


We were given this exciting project a year ago. We were given a series of criteria for its design; a plot located next to a golf course forming part of El Parque del Pinar, a green space characterised by the presence of Mediterranean pine trees of huge landscape value. The orientation and prevailing east-west winds in the area coinciding with the plot itself and an access road with motor vehicle traffic representing a source of noise.

Our client and partner in the design provided us with a simple concept of four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, car park, outdoor swimming pool and gardens. They wanted to enjoy open, versatile and bright spaces.

We proposed a project opening on to the golf course to harness the orientation and views, moving the house towards the access road and freeing up the garden as much as possible. All the main rooms open onto the garden through large doors, while the service spaces (bathrooms, gallery, car park, etc.) create a “barrier” against the road.

The property’s aesthetic reflects what is happening inside, the façade is a reflection of that separation of uses for the interior spaces and the materials used highlight that separation of functions that we later find inside.

The ceramic products from TAU feature heavily in the project against a white background. Used with various finishes, the wood effect ceramic on the façade allows us to highlight the effect achieved with the different volumes. We covered the walls with this material to create ceramic slabs that protect doors and windows, and we paved the interior and exterior of the property with it.

With the wood effect finish, we combined imitation stone for outdoor paving in an anti-slip finish, continuous surfaces on terraces, loose pieces surrounded by grass...

Why ceramic?

Mainly because of its durability, quality and range of finishes and formats. Given the advancements achieved in recent years in terms of sheet ceramic, which enables formats that were unthinkable only a few years ago, we valued the environmentally-friendly and sustainable factors that would generate added value. While it may be tough to introduce them into the market today, we have no doubt that they will be essential in the near future.