Dolce and Cavallino, Our New Relief Tiles

Two new reliefs to complete our most successful stone and cement collections. Our Fidenza ceramic and our Carpi and Canaleto tiles are now joined by the new Cavallino relief tile. We are also adding the new Dolce relief tile to the famous Castrovillari and its accompanying tiles, Caserta and Amantea. Two relief tiles that double the possibilities for using this style in any room.

Carpi, Canaleto y ahora CAVALLINO

A beautiful limestone that TAU has transformed into ceramic cladding in three different textures: CARPI, with a natural stone relief; CANALETO, with a grooved relief of classical inspiration; and the new CAVALLINO, with a modern quilted relief that combines the previously mentioned textures.

Caserta, Amantea y ahora DOLCE

Our iconic cement series consisting of one standard cement texture, CASERTA, and one concrete formwork cement, AMANTEA, is also enriched with a new quilted relief tile, DOLCE, which will add personality and modernity to any space.

Formats and colours