The new and revolutionary blog by TAU Cerámica

The Tau Cerámica blog will become a space on the new website where guest partners will tell us all about the world of interior design, architecture, ceramics and design.

TAU Cerámica is taking huge strides towards overhauling its image and creating a recognised brand in the online world. For example, it has created a website that is fully designed with the customer in mind. Created so browsing is intuitive, comfortable and pleasant.
The website includes one of the most creative and interesting ideas for 2018; the blog.

This section will contain news about current affairs, the events attended by the brand and its new products. To make it a little different, it will also include a monthly partnership with a guest author. Each one will write about trends or projects in the world of architecture, design, interior design or ceramics.
These guest authors will not only be recognised architects or executives in the sector working on large-scale international projects but also Tau Cerámica customers with curiosity about interior design. They might also write about home decorating or projects they have undertaken in their own houses.

It is a unique and pioneering space in which TAU aims to engage with our audience. We will provide useful information of great quality, standing out from the standard corporate blogs in the sector.

We will reveal our first guest author soon. Someone who will certainly provoke opinions and whose project will generate a great deal of discussion.

If you’re interested in writing articles as a guest author or have an interesting project under way, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d be thrilled to hear from you.

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