Interviews: Luz Lozano at Coverings 2018

With a professional career spanning more than half a century, both within Spain and overseas, TAU Cerámica has regained its spirit and benchmark position in ceramics because of its portfolio of ceramic finishes and its firm commitment to innovation. This is clearly reflected in the recent launch of Ascale by Tau.

Our Product and Marketing Manager, Luz Lozano, answered questions from El Periódico del Azulejo at Coverings 2018 yesterday. They spoke about the important merger by Tau into Grupo Pamesa, the investments made and the economic forecasts for the company. Finally, they also asked us about the new products we are offering, the corporate improvement online and our latest innovations.

We leave you with a small part of that interview, the rest of which you can read in: El Periódico del Azulejo


  • What has the merger by Tau into Grupo Pamesa meant at economic, commercial and operational levels?

First of all, the financial aspects required a significant investment in terms of production and commercial activity. With the incorporation of Tau, the group has achieved inorganic growth that will allow it to continue growing organically through the unquestionable potential represented by the Tau brand in the market.

Commercially speaking, Tau has positioned itself within the premium and technical segment of the ceramic sector, supporting and complementing the group’s other brands. Finally, in terms of operations, the merger has allowed production by Tau to be specialised and to focus on the range of ceramic finishes. There has also been an increase in productivity from the new installations.

  • In terms of infrastructures, workforce and equipment, what investments has the company made over the last two financial years?

In this regard, there has also been a radical change. For example, the factory currently has five new ovens and more polishers, hugely transforming and streamlining such a key factor as productivity. It is also worth highlighting the staffing increase up to 120 people between the sales department and the production unit. To this can also be added the new offices and a 2,500 square metre showroom.

  • Tau is at Coverings this week. What is the outlook in the United States?

As I said before, these are highly positive due to the pace of growth in the economy and the considerable acceptance of Spanish products. It is the strongest market today and no doubt one of the most profitable in Europe.

  • What new products are you presenting at Coverings this year?

We have committed to new formats, such as the 90x180, 30x180, 22.5x180 and 25x100, which join our already extensive offer. We also took new textures to the Atlanta trade fair: new finishes resulting from Tau’s commitment to investing in technology and development that seek technical and aesthetic excellence in the product.

The extensive ceramics portfolio from Tau has now been joined by the 12 mm thick 320x160 slabs for producing worktops and any other work surface. This new product completes our catalogue with a standard thickness range, a 20 mm thickened range for outdoor areas and a third 3 and 6 mm slim line for large format items.

  • Moving on, what marketing strategies are you implementing and what are your thoughts on the emerging online channels?

We consistently work on a campaign for television, specialised magazines and SEO positioning, focusing our attention on potential end customers via online campaigns, etc. It is becoming increasingly more important to enhance and focus on online channels due to the new ways in which our end customers and society in general goes shopping. More and more modern purchasing decisions are taken on mobile devices. We have understood that and adapted our marketing strategies to the latest consumer trends.

  • You recently presented your new corporate website. What improvements does it include?

It is an intuitive website that is outstandingly easy to use and browse, on which information can be found with ease via sections dedicated to each target audience: architects, designers, distributors and media professionals. It is also highly attractive for end customers.

  • In the last year, you have committed to an outstanding product - Ascale by Tau. What is it and what tools are you using to optimise its positioning?

This was a major commitment on our part. We can build any worktop or work surface with this product, as well as cover any vertical or horizontal surface.

We looked for a new channel in the ceramic world in order to give it a stronger commercial presence. We focused on marble specialists, kitchen shops and the furniture channel with a view to selling ceramic as a material with infinite possibilities in all spaces. We have also brought in a new sales team with outstanding and highly specialised skills.