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TAU Cerámica consolidates its position as a worldwide benchmark in the ceramics sector, as a result of the technical and aesthetic quality of our product, our commitment to constant innovation and development and due to the unalterable commitment to our social and environmental surroundings; all qualities accomplished thanks to the effort, creativity and dedication of a team of immeasurable value.

With half a century behind it, TAU is now heading towards new challenges with the maturity and know-how acquired throughout its history, but above all with renewed enthusiasm and passion, by launching an image, facilities and a showroom.


Always at the forefront of innovation and design, we are now incorporating new large-format ceramic surfaces that we are integrating under the brand name Ascale.

New formats and new thicknesses complete a collection of indisputable beauty to provide enormous versatility, in which each series comes in numerous formats, thicknesses, finishes and colours.


Ceramics is a material that is technically suitable for cladding in architecture, and at Tau our aim is to do so with a functional, beautiful and everlasting coating.

The this end we have been inspired by nature, and have transformed woods, marble, stones, metals and textiles into ceramics with a high technical and aesthetic performance.
Our Collection stems from the transformation of nature, in which a careful selection of neutral and harmonised colour palettes are added to a wide variety of formats and the exclusive design of textures and reliefs.


In the wake of a really successful history of sponsorships, both sporting and cultural, TAU is now returning to sponsorship in the sport which is, without doubt a part of its life: basketball. TAU currently sponsors Castelló basketball team, which now plays under the name of TAU CASTELLO.

A journey that we again embark upon with enthusiasm, and the desire to re-inscribe a history of effort, motivation, inspiration and success.