Training programmes on large format products

On 16 October, Tau Cerámica partnered up with Kerakoll and Raimondi Spain, to organise a training day on installing and handling large format items for 20 installers that our customer FERROLAN brought to Castellón.

We at Tau Cerámica are committed to large format items, but we know how important it is to handle and install these items properly so the final result meets the end user’s expectations of our products.

The constant growth in terms of formats represents an opportunity for us to develop, design and create new applications, but is also a new challenge for installers because these formats need to be handled and installed in unique ways to achieve the desired effect of creating spectacular spaces.

That’s why, and insisting on the commitment by TAU Cerámica to these “BIG SIZES” ranging from 60x120 through 120x120 to slabs measuring 240x120 in 6 mm, we understand that training is essential for installation to not be an obstacle stopping our customers from offering these solutions to their customers and our end users.


After months of preparation in partnership with Kerakoll, with its low environmental impact construction philosophy - Greenbuilding - and commitment to products for the installation of large format ceramics, we launched the first installation workshop on 16 October. It started on the premises of Kerakoll’s Green Campus and finished at the TAU Cerámica showroom.

Our first training session was aimed at 20 installers that our customer, Ferrolan, brought to Castellón with a view to eventually boosting the sale of large format pieces. At this session, Kerakoll explained how to prepare the support media and adhesives, and apply the latter correctly. Everything was accompanied by continuous demonstrations to reinforce the theory being taught.

Jornadas formativas gran formato tau cerámica kerakollIn turn, Raimondi Spain, a specialist in tools for handling and installing large format pieces, explained and showed people how to use these tools. The people attending the workshop were given the chance to work with the tools on various installation examples to resolve common problems that arise during a construction project. To conclude the workshop, Kerakoll explained and visually demonstrated the pathologies that stem from poor preparation and installation.

To end the day, everyone travelled to the Tau Cerámica showroom, where they were shown the quantity and variety of finishes we have on offer, as well as the various possible applications.

TAU Cerámica would like to thank FERROLAN, KERAKOLL and RAIMONDI for trusting in our products and supporting these workshops. We firmly believe that they will be highly beneficial to both the installers who attended and end users.

We will announce the dates for future workshops soon. Meanwhile, this post talks about how to install large format ceramic pieces (includes a video).

TAU Cerámica