Hermanos torres restaurante TAU cerámica

The Torres Brothers, TPBTech and Ascale by TAU…What a trio!

On Wednesday night, we had the pleasure of visiting the Torres Brothers in their natural habitat, their restaurant, together with our partner, Joan Lloveras, the founder of TPB Tech.

Cocina Hermanos Torres, as soon as you walk through the door, you can tell it is a restaurant inside a kitchen - an 800 m2 kitchen in Les Corts (Barcelona).

On the worktops of this enormous kitchen is where we have a piece of Ascale by TAU. As many of you know (if not, we recommend you read our article TPBtech & Ascale by TAU present the most innovative worktops in the market), we presented our partnership with TPBtech at Cevisama 2018 to use their innovative technology to create the worktops that are revolutionising the cooking world.

Hermanos torres restaurante TAU cerámica

TPB tech® offers a technology on which you can cook directly using induction systems. They merge the cooking and work areas into one. But not all ultracompact, ceramic or sintered surfaces are suitable for use with this technology and system.

According to Joan Lloveras, “with the surfaces from ASCALE by Tau, we have managed to combine the latest technology in the world of cooking with the excellent properties offered by resistant ceramic materials for the surface”.

Grum Black Matte was the material from Ascale by TAU chosen for these worktops. These worktops have the honour of featuring in the new restaurant of these incredible chefs with two Michelin stars in their pocket. Worktops loved by all those that like to save time because you can cook and work on them at the same time, as well as by the greatest chefs in the country.

Many thanks to Javier and Sergio Torres for looking after us, trusting in us and showing us their restaurant in such an inspiring way. We can’t wait to go back!

If you would like to know more about our worktops, please do not hesitate to contact us. You’ll love them!