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TAU Cerámica: Innovating Tastes Good

On 16 and 17 May, the TAU CERÁMICA premises TAU CERÁMICAin Onda (Castellón) hosted a live show cooking event sponsored by ASCALE by TAU and VERAVENT, at which more than 200 people discovered the latest cooking trends while enjoying the culinary delights prepared by the chefs Iñaki De Mingo and Alfredo Granell from Gastro Tasca La Guindilla restaurant on the 16th and by Asier Manzanos from El Vasco in Vila-real restaurant on the 17th.

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The menu was cooked directly on the ceramic hob from ASCALE by TAU, whose partnership with the technology company TPB TECH® has allowed it to create and exclusively offer a collection of worktops in Spain that enable cooking directly on the ceramic surface itself.

The technology developed and patented by TPB TECH® enables inductors and controls to be built in to the surfaces from ASCALE by TAU, which in turn offer maximum technical performance in terms of resistance to impact and high temperatures, as well as incredibly easy use and cleaning.

The combination of TPB TECH® technology with the design and quality of the surfaces from ASCALE by TAU means that the traditional glass vitroceramic hob disappears, merging the cooking and work space into one. This revolution in kitchen design makes it possible to cut, cook, eat and enjoy food on the worktop itself. A system that allows use of the ceramic worktop from ASCALE by TAU to harmonise culinary pleasure with entertaining and functionality.

evento arquitectura cerámica innovación innovar sabe bien

ASCALE by TAU es cerámica en grandes PLACAS PORCELÁNICAS, de dimensiones 320×160 cm, que ofrecemos en dos espesores -12 y 6 mm- y una variada gama de texturas y colores.

While our 12 mm slabs enable the construction of any work surface, the 6 mm slabs can be used to cover any vertical or horizontal surface.

The combination of 6 and 12 mm thicknesses and the extensive colour palette we can offer means that ASCALE is a powerful tool for architecture, interior design and construction professionals as it allows unique, elegant and versatile spaces to be created, coupled with the unbeatable technical features offered by TAU ceramic.

evento arquitectura cerámica innovación innovar sabe bien

With ASCALE, TAU CERÁMICA is maintaining its commitment to innovation and development for ongoing quality improvements in people’s lives in terms of comfort, aesthetics and fashions, as well as completing an extensive portfolio of Ceramic products with multiple formats, thicknesses, finishes, textures and colours. The constant and unwavering ultimate goal is to offer COMPREHENSIVE CERAMIC SOLUTIONS to its customers.

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