TAU presents INSIGNIA: A collection in tribute to 50 years

Castellón, January 15th 2018.

TAU CERÁMICA is presenting new formats, new textures and new applications at the next edition of Cevisama. These join an already extensive offer to help achieve its ultimate, ongoing and unwavering goal to offer COMPREHENSIVE CERAMIC SOLUTIONS to its customers.

  • New formats: 90x180, 30x180, 22.5x180 and 25x100 are the new formats being added by TAU to its extensive range.
  • New textures: new finishes resulting from TAU’s commitment to investing in technology and development that seek technical and aesthetic excellence in the product.
  • New applications: The extensive Ceramics portfolio from TAU consisting of a standard thickness line, a 20 mm thickened line for outdoor spaces and a third slim line with 3 and 6 mm options for large format items has now been joined by the 12 mm thick 320x160 slabs for producing worktops and any other work surface.

New products from TAU in two new Collections: INSIGNIA and EVOLUTION and in the already released ASCALE, which TAU has reimagined and expanded with new items.

Cápsula Collection. First edition.

At this edition of CEVISAMA, TAU presents the first CÁPSULA EDITION from the INSIGNIA collection, which TAU will be developing over the course of 2018.

INSIGNIA is a collection that pays tribute to the 50-year track record of a historic brand that is recognised the world over and has become a sector of vital importance in our province and our country.

A tribute to the excellence of TAU products, to the innovation and development that has always been a driving force behind the brand and, naturally, to all the people whose effort and passion led to such a memorable result.

This tribute is reflected in the logo that TAU has designed ex profeso for this collection: the flagship T for TAU is duplicated to create the I for Insignia.

The INSIGNIA collection takes inspiration from Nature, Art, History, Literature, Architecture and, in short, LIFE to incorporate the company’s latest investments in technology and innovation, which have allowed for the development of new formats and new finishes.

Three black stones - Soapstone, Bluestone and Wornstone - create the leitmotif for this collection, which is completed with a meandering marble (Millerighe), one cement and one hydraulic product (Maxxi and Rivet), and three woods: an oak (Paliano), a walnut (Origin) and a pine (Diluca).

The new formats include the 90x180 (an even larger surface area than the 120x120 presented by TAU at the last edition of Cevisama) and its cutting formats for wood: the 30x180 and the 22.5x180.


Besides the Cápsula Edition of INSIGNIA, TAU is also presenting EVOLUTION at this edition of Cevisama - a collection that comprises some of the most renowned series by TAU and now expanded to include new items and enhanced with new formats.

Because Evolution implies Knowledge, Transformation and ultimately Change (and Change is synonymous with Adaptation to new situations), TAU is bringing back series from other collections and reimagining them so they can adapt to new requirements in the market.

EVOLUTION comprises the iconic CORTEN series by TAU, which now comes in a 60x120 format; the company’s most commercially successful wood, FOREVER, which now comes in the new 25x100 format; its most popular marble products, TORANO and DOZZA, which now come in the new 90x180 format; and, finally, its SHINE series, which has been improved with a delicate onyx marble, PALAZZO.

Ascale by TAU

At this edition of CEVISAMA, TAU presents the new 12 mm slabs of Ascale in a 320x160 format, which complete its new catalogue and seal an extensive range of colours for this product type.

This offer includes single-colour items (white, black and sand), two cements in different tones, two white marble products and two with golden vein, one stone and one spectacular weathering steel.

With Ascale and the 320×160 format, in 12 and 6 mm thicknesses, TAU enables the construction of any worktop or work surface, as well as the cladding of any vertical or horizontal surface.

ASCALE surfaces by TAU with TPB tech® Technology

ASCALE by TAU has signed an agreement with the technology company TPB TECH®, allowing it to exclusively offer a collection of worktops in Spain that enable cooking directly on the ceramic surface itself.

The technology developed and patented by TPB TECH® enables inductors and controls to be built in to the surfaces from ASCALE by TAU. Ascale offers maximum technical performance and resistance to impact and high temperatures.

The combination of TPB TECH® technology with the design and quality of the surfaces from ASCALE by TAU means that the traditional glass vitroceramic hob disappears, merging the cooking and work space into one. This revolution in kitchen design makes it possible to cut, cook, eat and enjoy food on the worktop itself.

A next-gen worktop that you can discover and enjoy alongside all our other new products at CEVISAMA. Find us in Hall 2, Level 2, Stand B42.

Tau Cerámica Evolves

Evolution - the name given to one of the collections presented by TAU at this edition of Cevisama - runs throughout the company’s structure this year, starting with its digital marketing strategy.

Because, at TAU, they know that evolution - understood as change and progress - should be accompanied by new communication technologies. At this edition of Cevisama, TAU will present a new more dynamic, more user-friendly and more efficient website at its stand. The company will also present its redesigned social media networks, aimed at communicating more and better in a world that is constantly online.

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