TAU presents its Fluid collection at Cevisama

At this edition of Cevisama, TAU CERÁMICA is presenting two stands in two different halls at the event with a total exhibition area of more than 600 m2.

At its usual stand at Level 3, Hall 2, B42, TAU is presenting its new FLUID collection alongside other items from other memorable collections by TAU. All of them share a single, neutral and harmonised colour palette based on the company’s THINK&MIX concept.

THINK&MIX is a concept that reflects our way of creating, showing and experiencing ceramic, which we are taking all over the world with our stands and TAU spaces and which therefore forms part of our brand identity.

At its new stand, located on Level 2, Hall 6, F149, TAU is presenting the latest products from ASCALE by TAU, the brand being used by TAU to market its 320x160 cm ceramic slabs in two thicknesses: 6 mm for covering any vertical or horizontal surface; and 12 mm for building worktops and any other work surface.

The combination of 6 and 12 mm surfaces makes ASCALE by TAU a powerful tool for architecture, interior design and construction professionals intending to visit this new hall. At this stand, ASCALE by TAU will present the latest trends in KITCHENS alongside DOCA, an unbeatable partner in kitchen furniture, and TPB TECH, the brand representing the latest cooking technology.

FLUID: Cápsula Collection. First edition

At this edition of CEVISAMA, TAU presents the first CÁPSULA EDITION from the FLUID collection, which TAU will be developing over the course of 2019.

Under the newGENDER name, Fluid transports us to northern France where the story of this collection began.

The story starts in Brest, a town where the tale of a thousand-year-old European yew tree that has switched genders to survive inspires a new journey along the paths of acceptance, adaptation and change - all values that flow throughout not only this collection but also the entire structure of a brand that, like the European yew tree, has successfully survived by changing and flowing towards a new era.

During the course of this journey, we discovered fantastical stories that gradually gave shape to this new collection; a collection that, alongside the TAU brand, lives, feels and flows...

Four series comprise the first cápsula edition of Fluid, which are based on two new formats that TAU is adding to its already extensive portfolio: the 90x90 and the 25x150:


We stand before a European yew tree in the patio. Over its 5,000-year lifespan, it has constantly adapted to the world around it, flowing in a desire to continue existing and thereby leaving us the legacy of its supremacy as a species. Contemplating this tree in person completely changes you.

Brest is a hardwood effect series with a wide and deep vein in the new 25x150 format that we can offer in four colours and decorate with a piece in 90x90.


We were captivated by the history and beauty of Rennes. The façades of its houses are decorated with lovely ancient wooden lattices. The colours, music in the streets, smells and the whole place in general transports you to that childhood when everything was possible and lasted forever.

Also a wood from the humid forests of the north, in the new 25x150 format, in five colours and two decorated pieces in 90x90.


The canvas of our journey is made up by a multitude of pathways that lead us to such fantastical and beautiful places surpassed only by your imagination. The sensations perceived are positive, a firm and confident step strengthens our desire to discover more. So we continue on down the path.

A granite stone for paving our path, in the new 90x90 format and five colours, that complements the wood effect series.


Something grabs our attention and forces us to stop. Close by, in the outskirts of Nantes, we catch sight of a monumental marble eye slowly observing the passage of time. How whimsical of the universe to create such a sombre object and force it to accept change, to adapt to the moment in time in which it exists. So many stories captured on the retina of that wonderful being.

Finally, a cladding series, in 40x120 and 30x90, that imitates a matte white marble of enormous beauty.


Besides the Cápsula Edition of FLUID, TAU is also presenting EVOLUTION at this edition of Cevisama - a collection that comprises some of the most renowned series by TAU that has been expanded to include new items or enhanced with new formats and colours.

This edition of EVOLUTION includes new formats for our TERRACINA series. A square 22x22 piece, a hexagonal 28.5x25 piece and an 8.5x35 brick in the series colours and three geometric decorative patterns put this series on the cutting edge for small ceramic formats. The thickened range in this series is further expanded with a new colour, White, in 75x75 format.

The 25x75 format is also added to two successful cladding series, Channel and Potenza, Gray is added to our most iconic cement series, Castrovillari, and new formats are added to the Devon, Forever, Varese and Torano series.


The Ascale collection is expanded with new textures to complete an extensive and versatile range.

A black marble, Belvedere, in matte and polished finishes kicks off the new products in this edition. This is joined by three stones with different personalities: Borgogna, a fine granite stone in grey with a matte finish; Cardoso, a hard stone with a spectacular vein in grey and a satin finish; and Monteclemo, a large grain straciatella product we can offer in two colours (grey and black) and two finishes (matte and polished).

All these new slabs (in 320x160 cm format and in the available 6 and 12 mm thicknesses) will be on show at the Ascale stand in the new Hall 6.






ASCALE surfaces by TAU with TPB tech® Technology

The partnership signed between ASCALE by TAU and the technology company TPB TECH®, allows us to exclusively offer a collection of worktops in Spain that enable cooking directly on the ceramic surface itself.

The technology developed and patented by TPB TECH® enables inductors and controls to be built in to the surfaces from ASCALE by TAU, which in turn offer maximum technical performance in terms of resistance to impact and high temperatures, as well as incredibly easy use and cleaning.

The combination of TPB TECH® technology with the design and quality of the surfaces from ASCALE by TAU means that the traditional glass vitroceramic hob disappears, merging the cooking and work space into one. This revolution in kitchen design makes it possible to cut, cook, eat and enjoy food on the worktop itself. A system that allows use of the ceramic worktop from ASCALE by TAU to harmonise culinary pleasure with entertaining, activity and functionality.

A next-gen worktop that TAU will showcase at its two stands this year, where live show cooking events will be held every day of the fair to allow our visitors to discover and enjoy our advanced technology worktops.

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