TAU presents FLUID collection at COVERINGS 2019

In this Coverings edition, TAU CERÁMICA presents its new FLUID collection, that Tau will work with throughout 2019, along with some other remarkable collections, all of them fused through a harmonious, neutral, chromatic and unique range, based on the THINK & MIX concept of the company.

Under the slogan NewGender, FLUID takes us to the north of France, where the history of the collection sources from.

The history starts in Brest, where the statement of thousand year old yew that has changed kind to survive, inspires a new trip that passes along the ways of acceptance, adjustment and change, values that impregnate not only this collection but the whole structure of a brand name that, as the thousand year old yew, has managed to survive, change and flow towards a new era.

Four series integrate the first capsule edition of FLUID that nourishes from 2 new formats that TAU has added to its wide portfolio, 90×90 and 25×150.

BREST: Our Strong Wood Effect

Brest is a strong wood of broad and deep vein in the new format 25×125 that we present in four colours and decorate with a 90×90 piece.

RENNES: The Elegance of Wood

Also another wood, coming from the humid forests of the north, in the new format 25×125, available in five colours and 2 decor pieces of 90×90.

ROADSTONE: Granitic Stone Effect

A granitic stone to pave our path in the new 90×90 format and 5 colours that complement the wood series.

NANTES: The Beauty of Marble

Finally, a wall tile series, available in 40×120 and 30×90 that mimics a matt white marble of great beauty.

Tau will be also presenting the ASCALE by Tau novelties, being this the brand used to promote and trade with the 160×320 cm big slabs, available in 2 thicknesses, 6 mm for wall & floor covering, and 12 mm for kitchen worktops.

A Belvedere black marble in 2 finish, polished and matt, opens the novelties edition. Additionally, three stones with different personalities, Borgogna, a fine granitic stone in a matt finish and grey colour, Cardoso, a strong stone of extreme veining in grey colour and satin finish, and Monteclemo of coarse-grained stracciatella that we present in two colours, black & grey, and two finishes, polished and matt.

The combination of both thicknesses, 6 and 12 mm makes ASCALE by Tau a strong tool to service the professional people linked to the world of architecture, interiorism and construction.

You can discover and enjoy all our novelties, in the exhibition area of TAU at COVERINGS, Booth 5111.