Joan lloverás tau ascale tpb encimaras innovadoras

TPBtech & Ascale by TAU present the most innovative worktops in the market

My name is Joan Lloveras. I studied industrial design and I own my own business. I am extremely proud to have a great team of people, partners and suppliers by my side.

I’m passionate about learning, I love my job and enjoy creating and developing new products. I adore the combination of materials, applications and processes from a broad range of sectors.

Give me a material and I won’t stop until I find a new application!

I started working when I was very young. Those early days have allowed me to learn and develop my experience for new projects under my own international patents.

My brand was launched onto the market in 2010, TPB® (TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA®). TPB® are surfaces and worktops for kitchens. Their composition makes them highly impact-resistant and enables them to withstand high temperatures.

From the evolution of TPB® worktops and after many hours of intense work emerged TPB tech®. A TPB® worktop that has built-in inductors and controls beneath the surface, allowing the cooking area to be entirely concealed under the worktop to create one gigantic electrical appliance.

TPB tech® is the most revolutionary technology on which you can cook directly using induction systems. We merge the cooking and work areas into one.

Not all ultracompact, ceramic or sintered surfaces are suitable for use with the TPB tech® technology and system. Almost one year ago, we launched a highly successful partnership with Tau Cerámica. With their surfaces from ASCALE by Tau, we have managed to combine the latest technology in the world of cooking with the excellent properties offered by resistant ceramic materials for the surface.

ASCALE offers all the properties needed to be the surface for TPB tech: quality, innovation and strength. Functionality, design and technology are the values underpinning our brand.


All those values are precisely why both haute cuisine kitchens and some of the most important chefs in the country use our products.

The chefs who trust in our products include Chef Martin Berasategui. He holds eight Michelin stars and owns the best restaurant in Spain and the fifth in the world according to the Travelers Choice Awards by TripAdvisor. Our partnership began in early 2011 and continues to this day.

We renovated the entire kitchen at his Restaurante Lasarte (worktops, walls, floors, shelves, etc.) using TPB material. He also has TPBtech in the kitchen at Restaurante Lasarte and in his private kitchen at home.

We are also working with Chef Xavier Pellicer. With two Michelin stars in 2012. With him, we are working at his new XAVIER PELLICER restaurant, only a stone’s throw from Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. This restaurant will have several TPBtech products in the kitchens and dining room. It is scheduled to open for the spring 2018.

Furthermore, numerous catering schools throughout Spain have been working with us for years. They include the CETT, the prestigious Escuela de Hostelería and Turismo de Barcelona. A school with more than 2,500 students from 54 different countries. Several classrooms are fitted with TPBtech worktops for more than 40 TPBtech cooking positions. Furthermore, the Escuela de Hostelería de Leioa in the Basque Country has TPBtech installed in the school cafeteria and a mobile TPBtech product that they move from classroom to classroom.

Finally, we have signed a partnership agreement with the Gasol Foundation, the foundation run by the brothers Pau and Marc Gasol, for the next four years. TPBtech has provided the worktops for the kitchen at the new global headquarters of the Gasol Foundation in Sant Boi de Llobregat. We are the official partner for the nutritional workshops organised by the foundation (mainly attended by children) aimed at promoting healthy habits and reducing child obesity.


Here are a few photos of our next-gen worktops. If you like what you see, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.