Living with Tau Cerámica: Terraces

Spring has sprung and with it comes the time to return to our terraces, patios and gardens to enjoy the open air, light and sun from which we will shelter when summer arrives. It is therefore time to renovate, decorate and prepare our outdoor spaces so they meet three fundamental criteria: Aesthetics, comfort and safety. Only one material can comprehensively meet all three of these criteria: ceramic.

tau ceramica oristan gris pavimento exterior

Revestimiento: Castrovillari Pearl 75×75 (11mm) y Castrovillari Graphite 75×75 (11mm) Pavimento: Castrovillari Pearl 75×75 (12mm) y Castrovillari Pearl 75×75 (20mm)

Ceramic is the ideal material for covering our floors and walls. It is strong, waterproof, fireproof and unaffected by the use of chemical or cleaning products. It is also incredibly simple to maintain because it can be cleaned easily and, finally, allows any finish, texture or colour to be applied. What more could you ask for from a material?

Revestimiento: Palmi Gray 20×120 (11mm) Pavimento: Valenta Gray 60×120 (11mm) y Palmi Gray 20×120 (11mm)

At TAU CERÁMICA, you’ll find comprehensive ceramic solutions for any purpose, atmosphere or application. Furthermore, we can offer maximum technical and aesthetic performance as a result of our constant commitment to innovation and development. For outdoor areas, we have an extensive catalogue of ceramic products that we offer in a wide range of textures, formats, finishes and thicknesses in order to meet all possible architectural and construction requirements.


At TAU Cerámica, you’ll find classic, ethnic and burnt woods, stones in natural colours, black stones, veined stones, washed cements, industrial cements, high-grade metals, weathering steel, an endless list of marbles... and all of them with the unbeatable technical properties offered by Ceramic.


From our largest slabs (320x160 and 240x120 cm) that are perfect for façades to the smallest (15x60) from our iconic Forever wood-effect product, you’ll find a huge range of ceramic products at TAU for covering any outdoor wall or floor.

Fachada: Castrovillari Pearl 120×240 (6mm) Pavimento: Castrovillari Pearl 60×120 (11mm) y Marsala Umber 29,5×120 (20mm)

terraza hotel ushuaia tau ceramica

Terraza del Hotel Ushuaïa (Ibiza) Pavimento: Forever Roble 15×60 (10mm)


tau ceramica exterior fineza tan piscina

The finish is something truly important when choosing the right ceramic for covering our outdoor spaces. That’s why TAU CERÁMICA recommends the use of anti-slip finishes on any flooring that might get wet (besides those cases where it is compulsory) and therefore slippery, as well as around swimming pools, naturally.

tau ceramica oristan gris pavimento exterior

Most of the TAU CERÁMICA series are available in an anti-slip finish (ADZ) so you’ll surely find the wood, stone or cement aesthetic you’re looking for. Furthermore, the series that come with an anti-slip finish are always available in a natural look finish for use in dry areas, enabling complete aesthetic continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

tau ceramica oristan arena exterior


At Tau Cerámica, you’ll find a selection of lightweight ceramic slabs (slim) in 6 and 3 mm thicknesses. These can be used to cover walls, joinery and furniture, minimising the presence of joints. We also have an extensive range of standard thickness items, between 9 and 12 mm. Finally, our OUTDOOR collection of 20 mm thickened slabs always with an anti-slip finish is perfect in the following situations:

  • Conventional wet installation for floors used by motor vehicles: car parks, driveways, paths, ramps.

tau pavimento castrovillari silver

  • Installed on plots when the flooring needs to offer great strength and minimum weight.

colocación ceramica exterior tau

  • Dry installation, always dropping the pieces onto a previously levelled sand, gravel or lawn surface, when needing to quickly and easily create paths and relaxation areas without the need for any construction work.

tau pavimento exterior hotel ushuaia terracina sienna

TAU CERÁMICA offers its most iconic series, not only in various finishes but also in various thicknesses - slim, standard and thickened. If you’re looking for indoor-outdoor continuity or to have all your needs met with a single material, visit our webpage and discover our Concept and Outdoor catalogues.

castrovillari exterior colocacion ceramica

Pavimento: Castrovillari Damgray 75×75 (11mm) y Castrovillari Damgray 75×75 (20mm) Revestimiento: Castrovillari Damgray 60×120 (11mm)

In short, TAU CERÁMICA has every possible ceramic solution for outdoor areas for you to renovate your terrace, patio, garden or swimming pool.