10 de February de 2023

Create any style of interior decorating with Tau Cerámica

Ceramic is one of the pillars of home decoration. Not only is it a resistant material that provides insulation and comfort, but with tiles we can create any type of decoration.

TAU’s spirit of offering all kinds of ceramic solutions to its customers, the investment in R&D and technological advances in the manufacturing process allow us to have a complete and balanced tile catalog, with porcelain floor tiles for indoor and outdoor use, and a wide variety of modern tiles for interior cladding.

We propose you the decoration styles that will set the trend in 2023 and that you can find in our catalog.

Nordic Style

This is perhaps the most natural and cozy type of decoration. We get it by using wood tones and light colors. This kind of ceramics will bring us peace and will make us feel nature in our own home.

For this we will use porcelain floors imitating wood, such as Ragusa or Bohars. These models are composed of wooden slats with their own personality, a design that is characterized by the knots and the detonation of its pieces, making these collections with great character.

Vintage Style

A fashionable classic. A trend that takes us back to the mid-twentieth century making current what we had forgotten and allowing us to take advantage of furniture and other elements that we had forgotten.

Within ceramics, hydraulic tiles are one of the bases of vintage decoration. Tiles that you can place both as flooring at home and on walls of bathrooms and kitchens, and that mimic the original hydraulic floors that were used in the construction of houses during the first half of the last century.

You will distinguish these models by their shapes and colors, and although it may be risky to use them for the whole house, they are an ideal choice for decorating the living room or placing them as bathroom and kitchen floors.

The Classic collection is one of the series you will find in our catalog, with several versions available.

Another vintage ceramic tile is the subway tile, used especially as kitchen tile. It is a small tile, usually 7.5×15 cm or 7.5×30 cm, with beveled edges. Although we associate this ceramic as vintage decoration because it is a style with more than 100 years of history, we could also use it in industrial style kitchens.

Industrial Style

Although it is one of the most elegant environments, it is also a colder decoration than the rest. Gray floors and tiles predominate in this type of decoration.

Regardless of the wood tile, gray has been the trendy color in this last decade and you can find it in different textures and finishes for both bathroom and kitchen tiles as well as for indoor or terrace floors.

This is a clear reflection of the strength of industrial decoration in large interior design and architecture projects in Spain.

To be a little more specific, to obtain a decoration like the one we are talking about it will not be enough to buy a gray floor, since another important feature is that they are worn tiles and with very untoned drawings.

Catalogs of oxides, metals and cements are ideal for creating industrial houses.

Classic Style

When we talk about classic style we are referring to porcelain tiles with a glossy texture and marbled grain.

Until recently, we could hardly find these models in tile exhibitions and those that were available still had the old format. For several years now, both Italian and Spanish brands have been presenting large-format marbled porcelain tiles among our new products.

They are elegant and clean pieces used both on floors and walls in large spaces. Due to the characteristics of its finish, this ceramic is only recommended for indoor use.

Within this style we will find a great variety of finishes and models to choose from. Dark and light colors in gray and cream tones, Calacatta marbles and veins of different intensity.

Altamura is one of the star collections of Tau Cerámica, but you will find many more in our 2023 catalog.

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