15 de July de 2021

ERRE Arquitectura to Design a New Collection for TAU Cerámica

We’ve been anxiously waiting to tell you about this new project we’re developing along with ERRE Arquitectura.

In fact, ever since we began collaborating on the design of the TAU stand for the Cevisama trade show held in Valencia in 2020, the relationship between ERRE Arquitectura and TAU Cerámica has only gotten stronger over time.

Such is the case that we’re in the process of designing a whole new line of ceramic products to be unveiled at the international show

Although it’s still too early to offer any hints about the final design, we can already tell you that the collection will initially be comprised of 5 pieces with the idea of continuing to develop new designs after the end of this event.

We’ll soon be able to give you more details on our work designing the pieces we’re putting so much excitement and enthusiasm into.

Stay tuned to our social media accounts.

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