LocationVillareal, Spain.

Founded in 1977 by Grupo Cárnicas Roig, it currently operates 1,640 supermarkets in Spain and 15 in Portugal. It has a workforce of 90,000 people oriented towards excellence, 900 of whom work in Portugal. A family-operated company, Mercadona is one of the leading physical and online supermarkets in Spain. Its aim is to assume the responsibility of offering “The Boss” (their customers) the best choices to meet their food, household cleaning, personal hygiene and pet care needs. Because of this, 5.4 million households place their trust in the company every single day. Mercadona is re-interpreting their spaces to best needs their customers’ needs with all of their new supermarkets already reflecting the change featuring a brand like TAU cerámica for the ventilated facades and interiors.