Architect Canlop Studio
Pharmacy in Valencia
A sophisticated and timeless architectural project with TORNARES tiles

The city of Valencia has witnessed the creation of a pharmacy that stands out for its elegance, minimalism, and sophistication, thanks to the project developed by the Canlop Studio architecture firm. The facade of the pharmacy, which uses Zumaia tile models from the TORNARES collection, is simple and timeless, making it a unique and attractive piece for those who observe it.

The pharmacy project has been designed with great sensitivity to the environment in which it is located. The main objective was to create a space that would blend seamlessly into Valencia’s urban landscape, while not neglecting the use of high-quality materials and elements that would provide an elegant and sophisticated look.

The Zumaia tile models from the TORNARES collection, developed by TAU Cerámica in collaboration with Erre arquitectura, have been the key element in creating the pharmacy’s facade. These tiles, with their texture and color, have provided a sense of depth and relief that is not overlooked by the viewer.

The choice of the TORNARES collection for the creation of the facade tiles has been a success, as their timeless and elegant design perfectly matches the project’s philosophy. The TORNARES collection is characterized by its smooth texture and delicate tones, allowing the tiles to be a versatile and combinable element with other materials.

The final result of the Valencia pharmacy project is a work of architecture that stands out for its elegance, simplicity, and sophistication. The use of Zumaia tile models from the TORNARES collection has been a success, providing the facade with a texture and color that make it unique and attractive to those who observe it. Without a doubt, a project that serves as an example for the creation of spaces integrated into the urban environment and in perfect harmony with its surroundings.