Architect ERRE Arquitectura
Photograph Maximiliano Poch

The choice of materials for decorating a single-family home is a crucial aspect to ensure its durability, functionality and aesthetics. Each material selected must be carefully considered to fulfill the requirements of the space and reflect the style and personality of its residents. This is the philosophy of ERRE Arquitectura who build homes through the needs and habits of the people who live in them.

The beauty of TAU ceramic floor tiles

The floor covering of a single-family home plays a fundamental role in its overall appearance and functionality. It is essential to select a material that can withstand daily use, while maintaining its charm over time.

The variety of designs, colors and textures of TAU ceramic floor tiles allows them to adapt to different decorative styles, from classic and traditional to modern and avant-garde. The wide range of sizes also offers the possibility of creating unique patterns, adding a touch of personalization to the home.

In the general floor covering of this bright and spacious house, the Roadstone Linen model in 90×90 format has been chosen. The selection of this stone in almost the entire house provides uniformity and a feeling of greater amplitude. A model that works perfectly with the rest of the pavements. Among them, the Roadstone Pearl model for the bathroom flooring.

In terms of wall coverings, the Axe Bianchi model stands out. A relief that accompanies the rest of the materials, but also stands out for its personal touch and unique pattern. On the other hand, the combination of small format models such as Bianchi Matt in the same space creates linear environments full of dynamism that are less cold and cheerful.

The harmony of the house continues in the hallway where we find the Zumaia model from the TORNARES collection, which makes up, along with the closet and the rest of the materials, an area full of light and minimalism.