20 de January de 2021

TAU Cerámica Stand at the Cevisama Trade Show: An Open and Innovative Space

At TAU Cerámica , we’ve put a whole new twist on the concept of a  stand at the Cevisama trade show, which is held from 3rd to 7th February at Feria Valencia. There you’ll find a unique exhibit area featuring innovation and experimentation, which marks the start of our collaborative work with the architecture firm ERRE Arquitectura

TAU seeks to surprise you

At TAU Cerámica, we want to bring you an all-new concept of a stand with ceramic tile as the sole and backbone element. Such is the case that when there, you’ll find yourself walking over some one thousand square metres of this material all while walking under another thousand hanging over your head.

An example of how material, light and sensations are all equally important

You’ll find a set of pieces, thirty tonnes in all, where you’ll notice a variety of plays of lights, shadows and textures offered by the surfaces covered in our materials, all in an evocative space designed to reflect the possibilities of the product we’ve bet on. Each one of the areas has its own significance in addition to being understood as part of a unique whole that encompasses it all.

A space to flow without transitions

A partially ceramic roof covers the hall yet not in any traditional way. We wanted to play with the space to give visitors the feeling of openness and continuity; it’s an open space without any type of entrance, exit or route. There’s absolute freedom to choose what to see, in what order and how to move around. We’ve sought a holistic experience with an impact and believe we achieved just that with our proposal.

Our stand at the  Cevisama trade show is designed just for you. Along with one of the most cutting-edge architecture firms in Spain, ERRE Arquitectura, we’ve found the key to expressing everything our materials have to say and we want you to be there to see it.

Are you up for it?

3-7 Feb

Pab/Hall N2-P3

Stand B34

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