5 de December de 2020

What Will Homes Be Like in 2021?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life completely. And it’s not only in how we relate to others, but also in how we spend time at home. As is well-known, social restrictions have forced everyone to stay at home more not to mention the possibility of a new confinement. In view of such situation, a new order is necessary in 2021 post-COVID homes.

The new reality in homes

Due to the rise of COVID-19, we’ve had to be much more scrupulous with cleaning. This is easily seen the minute you walk into any business premise (hand sanitizing, gloves, etc.). The same is true in homes where the entryway has become a disinfection centre. To this end, having an entryway with nonslip ceramic flooring can be of great help.

More spacious areas

The most outstanding aspect of the new reality is no doubt a desire for more space. People are spending a lot more time at home than they ever thought they would. To make it easier, we recommend open and versatile spaces.  Lighter coloursare preferable as well as light decoration.

This perfectly matches the styles of our ceramic cladding for walls and floors. The beauty and light tones will help you get even more light.

Reducing contact post-COVID-19

We’re also more cautious when touching certain surfaces. This is where touchless technology is quite helpful, especially on faucets. Home automation is also very useful for operating blinds and heating. Both choices can be perfectly integrated in walls and countertops cladded with our ceramic tiling.

Although we’re still in a changing scenario, 2021 post-COVID homes are already governed by measures aimed at the new normality.

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